ServicesPreparation of fresh products for market, and manufacture of prepared food products

Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

We deliver farm fresh vegetables and fruits at the best prices. Order freshly picked, natural, organic, local your favourite vegetables and fruits at Satmya.

Grains & Pulses

We have a great range of easy cook Natural & Organic Grains & healthy Pulses.

Lakdi Ghana Oil (Wooden Churner)

The raw material used natural & organic, no chemical is used while Extracting the oil & full of Natural Values so the taste and Smell of the oil maintained.

Natural Honey

We have good quality of natural and pure honey.

Sprouts & Beans

Fresh, natural & organic sprouts & beans available at Satmya

Dairy Products

A2 Cow Milk, A2 cow ghee, Goat Milk and all dairy products are available at Satmya.

Chakki Fresh Atta

All type of atta are avaialble with Satmya.


Natural and Chemical free jaggery is available at Satmya.


Indian essential spices are available with Satmya.


Good quality of natural & organic millets are available with Satmya.


All type of rice are available like hand pounded, natural & without polished.

gavran chicken

We have 100% Gavran Chicken Eggs in affordable cost.